Spa Covers


Auto Save Spa Cover

The Auto Save Spa cover is an automatic electric Spa Cover. It has all the benefits of its big brother the full sized automatic pool cover but it is designed with more compact components to fit smaller installations. This cover saves water, chemicals but most importantly it saves LIVES. This cover opens and closes at the flick of a switch. It too is available in all the standard colors from Cover Pools. The Auto Save Spa Cover is an ideal option to consider if you want to cover your spa and keep it safe.

 spa covers



Pin-Down Spa Cover

A Pin-Down Spa Cover is made of the same fabric as our automatic pool cover. This manual spa cover lays on top of the water and is draped over the deck. It is held down by child proof pins that go through grommets around the perimeter of the cover into anchors in the deck.

 pin down spa cover



Upholstered Spa Cover

We offer custom manufactured upholstered spa covers that are made of marine grade vinyl and are approximately 3” thick. They come in a variety of colors and help keep heat in and debris out. While they are not designed to hold much weight, they are a great deterrent to unwanted users. They are typically hinged in the middle and have handles as well as straps to anchor to the deck.

upholstered spa cover