Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Pool

The swimming pool is an important facility especially in the very hot summer months. For it to continue serving you diligently, you need to take proper care of it. Pool maintenance involves carrying out a number of activities that will keep the water and areas around it clean. Below are effective pool maintenance tips to help you achieve this.

Remove Debris Regularly
As much as you may have a pool cover, collection of debris in the pool is inevitable. You must skim the surface of the pool regularly and also empty skimmer baskets. The resulting waste must be disposed of far away so that they are not blown back in again.

Vacuum the Pool
Other than just removing surface dirt, vacuuming is also an important activity for your pool. You will only need to spare only 30 minutes to do this but and the results exceed the effort. When vacuuming, move the vacuum cleaner in overlapping lines, the same way you would mow your lawn for the best results.

Adjusting Chemicals
You need to test pool chemistry at least every week. The ideal pH value for a pool is between 7.4 and 7.6. In case it has gone down, use soda ash and muriatic acid if it is over 7.6. Its chlorine level also needs to be monitored so that it does not fall below one part per million.

Cleaning Filters
Today, many pools use sand, cartridge or diatomaceous filters. Although these filters have different maintenance procedures, you need to ensure that they are not too dirty. Note that cleaning them all the time also affects filtration since a very clean one is not as efficient as a slightly used filter. You can tell the right time to do this by observing the pressure gauge and water flow meter. When the difference between the two is 10 to 15 pounds per square inch should be the right time to clean them.

Maintain Water Level
Evaporation accounts for a considerable amount of water loss in a pool. Furthermore, when the pool is actively being used every day, the rate of water loss goes up. Therefore, check this level regularly. In case you are carrying out maintenance or draining the pool, do not let empty for a long time.

Taking care of your pool is quite simply. Provided you do not let these tasks pile up, you can have an ever sparkling pool.