Pool Covers

California Pool Cover Services is a full service company that is ready and capable to satisfy all of your pool cover needs.  With our staff of fully trained technicians and installers, we can professionally repair or install your pool cover with ease and in a timely manner.  We have long standing relationships with pool builders and general contractors ranging from the coastal community of Malibu to the deserts of Palm Spring and beyond.  Should you have any questions, or if you would like any further information about our system and our services, please feel free to contact us


The installation of our automatic pool cover system happens in 2-3 phases, depending on the options that you have selected.  During peak summer months the timeline for a complete installation is usually 4-6 weeks, while it is 3-5 weeks during non-peak months.   The two timelines are as follows:

– Automatic Cover with Trays and/or Brackets-
1) Installation of Undertrack or Track Channel
2) Installation of custom trays and/or brackets
3) Installation of the automatic pool cover system

Automatic Cover with Aluminum Lid-
1) Installation of Undertrack or Track Channel
2) Installation of automatic pool cover system with aluminum lid


The Save T3 automatic system that we install comes with the option of either an automatic slip clutch system or an Auto Limits system.  The purpose of these two systems is to allow the user the safety of not instantly overrunning the pool cover when opening or closing.  The slip clutch works by releasing power to the rope system when enough stress is achieved (fully opened/closed).  The Auto Limits system works by using a circuit of sensors and magnets to tell the system when the cover is fully open/closed, forcing the main power board to stop sending power to the motor.   The intent of these products is to prolong the life of the rope and pulley system as well as protect the reel and brake system on the mechanism by not allowing too much stress to be placed on the unit.  The two systems are used in the following manner:

-The slip clutch system is used when the pool does not have a subpanel, but rather a filter, pump and timer solely.  The clutch system is designed to work with a high voltage (110) switch that connects directly to the power source at your equipment.

-The Auto Limits system is designed for pools that have a subpanel, allowing us to use a low voltage switch to operate the pool cover.

All of the aluminum extrusions used (track systems, leading edge bar, tube and lids) are anodized to help with the prevention of corrosion and are warrantied by the manufacturer if corrosion occurs.