Pool Cover Ideas In South California

No pool is complete without a cover. A pool cover is a simple, but effective way of keeping your pool clean. It keeps the pool free of bugs and even debris making maintenance an easy task. Other than just ensuring the cleanliness of the water, a well laid cover helps in maintaining water levels within the pool by limiting evaporation. More importantly, a pool cover is also a protective barrier that aids a fence in keeping the pool safe.

These are just few of the benefits of installing a pool cover. However, the challenge facing many people is whether to go for the manual or automatic pool cover. Both types can offer you these benefits but here is what can help you make the right decision

Automatic Pool Covers

An automatic pool cover like the name suggests has rollers that work on the push of a button to either retract or extend the cover. With this cover, you will have very little amount of work. In fact, you can cover or uncover the pool within seconds. Many of these pool covers also have inbuilt solar heaters. This can be a real cost saving today when electricity bills are quite high. Furthermore, these covers have timers and sensors that you can use to automate them. Unfortunately, if you have a custom-made design for you pool, getting this cover is out of the question.

Manual Pool Covers

Unlike automatic pool covers, manual ones have a crank that you use to either cover up the water or uncover it. This can be quite an assignment if you have a large pool. These covers can be used on almost any pool regardless of the size or shape. This makes them ideal for custom shapes. Another great advantage of a manual pool cover is its price. They are relatively cheaper than automatic ones.

Manual and automatic pool covers are both effective in keeping out dirt and debris. The main difference between the two is probably the price and mode of operation.