Pool Cover FAQ

What are the advantages of a pool cover?

On top of the added safety of having a cover, there are financial gains to be had as well. With your pool being covered during nonuse periods, you’ll experience far less water loss from evaporation and the chemicals in your pool will experience a longer life due to the fact that they aren’t receiving direct sunlight all day long.  Lastly, you’ll have a much cleaner pool as debris, dirt and leaves are unable to land in the water and settle to the bottom of your pool.

Does the pool cover heat my pool?

The pool cover will help to retain heat, as well as provide some added heat to the top few inches of water if the pool is not being heated. It is not a thermal cover, but they do save pool owners significantly in pool heating bills.

Will an automatic cover work on any pool?

Our automatic covers will work on most pools, but there are some restrictions. The deck around the outside of the pool has to be one level (no steps) and the pool cannot have any hand rails or ladders protruding from the water, anchored to the deck.  Otherwise, we can accommodate most pools.

How long will my cover last?

The lifespan of a cover depends on the location and the environment that it’s in. All pool cover vinyl fabrics are warranted by the manufacturer for 7 years against defect, and we facilitate our customer in the use of that warranty should it be necessary.

What happens if my pool cover breaks?

Should any problems arise with your pool cover, whether we installed it or not, all you have to do is give us a call and we can schedule a service technician to come to your home to take care of the issues. We are a full service company, not just an install team, and our technicians are well versed in our competitor’s equipment as well.

How difficult is it to operate the cover?

Whether a key switch or a touch pad, it’s very simple. If it’s a key switch, simply insert the key, turn to “Cover” or “Uncover” and hold the key in that position until the cover is completely open or closed.  With a touch pad, you’ll enter the code and then hold the “Cover” or “Uncover” button until the cover is completely open or closed.  The key is removable so that the cover is only operated when you want it to be and the touch pads operate using a security code that the homeowner chooses.