How To Make Your Pool ECO-friendly?

How many individuals are constantly trying to cut down on their carbon footprint and are searching for ways in which to be more eco-friendly. Making your swimming pool eco-friendly is one way to be more friendly to the environment and this can be done in a number of ways. In this article we will take a look at the ways in which you can make your pool more eco-friendly so that it is less harmful on the environment.

There are many different ways in which to save costs when running a swimming pool and there are also different things that one can do in order to save money and be more effective to the environment. A solar pool cover can be used and is a good investment if you want to save your pool water from evaporating by reflecting heat off the cover of the pool. This is not the cheapest way in keeping your pool eco-friendly but you will cut down on costs involved with the pool heater and won’t have to add as much water.

A pool pump which is sufficient is highly desirable for individuals and is used to keep the water in the pool fresh on a regular basis. Choosing the correct pump is important and it is often the case that individuals choose one that is too big, so make sure that you have calculated the size of the pool when comparing it to the pump that you purchase, as a smaller pump will be far more efficient and will do the job correctly. This will then save energy.

A pool pump timer can also be an effective way of cutting down the electricity usage that you use within your pool. The trick is to work out how long one should leave the pump on in a certain sized pool so that the water is circulated effectively. Once this has been realized the individual can run the pool pump for small amounts of time via the use of a pump timer, rather than letting it run all of the time.

Pool cleaners that are ultraviolet can be used instead of chlorine as a way of introducing a natural pool cleaner into the pool. An ultraviolet cleaner is one of the recommended options for individuals who want an eco-friendly cleaner and works by connecting the pool filter to the freshwater line from the pool via a sterilizer in the middle. It works well and also cuts out the smell of chlorine within the pool.

One of the most important things to do when making your pool eco-friendly is to make sure that it is well maintained. This is easy enough to do and requires one to check on the functions within the pool on a regular basis so that it can work to its optimum level.

Here are just a few ways in which to keep your pool eco-friendly and effective at cutting down the energy bills. There are many ways in which to make your pool eco friendly.