Best Affordable Pool Toys

Family time during the warmer months of the year are are a fun and exciting time. Outdoor activities splashed with fun are a perfect time to bond with those most precious to you. Speaking of a splash, what’s better than swimming? If you have a pool or you’re thinking of getting a pool, you should be aware of some of the most affordable and safe swimming pool toys that both you and your little ones can enjoy. These toys are based upon pool size and age appropriateness. Also, sometimes pool toys are on clearance at the end of the Summer season sales.

  • Floating Basketball Hoop- The floating basketball hoop can come in a smaller size (for a baby pool) to a larger size for a bigger pool with sports-crazed teens. This pool toy is fairly inexpensive at under $20 in most stores and comes with a floating basketball. Sometimes floating basketball hoops can come with rings for a basketball/ring toss game in one.


  • Seated Pool Tube for Babies– Would you like to enjoy pool time with your little one without having to hold him/her? There are many different variations of seated pool tubes for babies/small children and some baby pool tubes can even teach your baby to swim! Although technically not a “toy”, a seated pool tube is fun for your baby and watching him/her have fun is rewarding. You can purchase a seated pool tube for under $30 for some variations. Be sure to supervise your baby at all times while they ride their pool tube.


  • Dive Rings/Sticks- Dive rings/sticks are for adults and kids who know how to swim since the rings/sticks do not float. Dive rings/sticks are perfect for any pool size and have a very small chance of ever breaking. Usually, they are sold in packs of four or six and can be purchased for under $20.


  • Torpedoes– Torpedoes are for those who can swim since the torpedoes do not float, however, torpedoes can also be thrown around in a game of catch. They are best-known pool toys for their abilities to glide several feet underwater. Some even light up and they are easy to throw and retrieve. Buy a single torpedo or a multiple-pack for under $20.


  • Inflatable Ride-Ons– Sit back and relax on a mattress sized inflatable ride-on or watch your kids amazement as their favorite animals come to “life”. Choose from animals, tubes, boats, noodles, and so much more. Relax, play a game of tag, or anything else your heart desires with inflatable ride-ons. These can range from over $100 to less than $20. Since there are so many options to choose from, you cHaan easily meet the needs of your budget.

Have a great time!