Benefits of Pool Safety Covers

Pool safety covers are different from standard winter pool covers. They are more costly, but most people agree the extra cost is worth it. These covers are anchored by hooks placed around the pool and are pulled as tight as a trampoline. These enables to covers to be actually walked on safely without falling into the pool. Regular winter covers do not offer this level of protection. Let’s look at the benefits of this type of pool cover.

* Safety – These covers prevent animals or humans from drowning in the pool. You don’t have to worry about pets, other animals or family members drowning in the pool. Young children and animals are especially fast and can easily sneak out of the house while you are on the telephone or doing a personal chore. You will not have to fish out dead animals in the spring when you open up the pool. Your pool will be safe from branches, leaves and other items falling in the pool as well. Simple winter covers don’t provide this protection.

* Clean water – A safety cover will prevent small bugs, leaves, and other small debri from entering your pool. Your pool is solidly sealed around all sides and will not let any items seep through the edges. If you choose the solid cover vs. the mesh option, you will not have to worry about algae or other things growing from spores that might land in your pool. Thus, your water will not need much preparation when you open the pool for the spring. The solid cover will also keep rain and snow water out of your pool, preventing more contamination to your pool water and linings.

* Long lasting – Safety pool covers are also longer lasting than winter covers. These covers need to be replaced quite often due to sun and other damage from the season. The heavier safety covers are less resistant to sun and other damage due to their more sturdy construction. Owners are finding that their covers are lasting 12 to 15 years; most winter pool covers fail after 3-4 seasons.