Automatic Pool Covers

An automatic safety cover is the first step in making your poolside backyard a safe and comfortable environment for people of all ages.  Whether you’re looking to protect your children, pets, family or neighbors, there’s no more ideal way to secure your pool while maintaining the aesthetics of your backyard oasis.  With 11 standard colors to choose from, our vinyl fabrics can match virtually any home or yard with no added cost.  For homes with more complex color schemes, there are other custom colors to choose from for an added fee.

Automatic Pool Covers in LA

Our system operates using a track, rope and pulley system with a motor and a set of reels to house the rope when the cover is fully closed.  The track can either mount directly under the coping for new pool construction or pool remodels, or, it can be mounted on the deck for existing pools.  The cover is designed to be installed on rectangular/square pools with 90 degree corners, using a recessed vault to house the pool cover unit.  Once the cover and mechanism are installed, it’s virtually impossible to recognize that it’s even there when the cover is open and the pool is in use.  We can also cover irregular shaped pools, but they require that the track and mechanism are installed on top of the deck, in plain sight, for the cover to work.

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