Safety Fencing that looks awesome!

California Pool Fence will help you choose the color and design of your custom removable fence. Your custom fence will blend into your landscape.

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The Highest Quality Safety Fencing

California Pool Fence only uses the highest quality removable mesh pool fencing.

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Safest And Strongest Pool Fence!

The Safest And Strongest Pool Fence. #1 Choice For Child And Pet Protection! 

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  • pool-fence Pool Fence
    Protect your loved ones with the SAFEST POOL FENCE. #1 Choice for pool protection.
  • pool-covers Pool Covers
    Automatic or manual pool covers for your home swimming pool. The highest quality you can get.
  • mesh-pool-cover Mesh Covers
    The #1 choice for winter protection. Cover your pool when you don't use it with our MESH POOL COVER

Trust the pool safety experts

California Pool Fence is the best in the business when it comes to covering, fencing, and making your pool safe. Pool safety may seem like an inconsequential matter, but for many young children a properly fenced pool is a MUST. This is why you should never cut corners when it comes to pool safety. As well, proper covering of your pool is an important aspect of taking care of your pool. Pool covers not only make you pool look great, but protect it from all kinds of surprises from Mother Nature.

We have combined decades of experience installing pool covers and fencing, we know how important it is to get this job right. This business is all about reputation and integrity; we are happy to say that we take both very seriously. Pool safety can look great and can add value of your pool.

Types of pool covers

We have many different types of pool covers. You will have no problem finding a pool cover that is right for you. Different covers serve different purposes. For example, if you live in a milder climate, you might be interested in our automatic pool covers. This type of covering is great for mild climates because it is temporary and offers easy removal not associated with thicker anchored covers.

Conversely, in some climates it is appropriate to shut down your pool for an entire season. If this is the case for you, you would probably benefit from our selection of anchored covers. Anchored covers are thick. They do an amazing job of protecting from debris and other obstacles that damage your pool.  Regardless of your pool type or climate needs, California Pool Fence has you covered.

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Types of pool fencing

Fencing is another critically important aspect to having the perfect pool.

Our California Pool Fences are some of the strongest fences in the business, specifically designed for child and pet protection. It doesn’t make sense to leave this kind of task to a less experienced brand.

California Pool Fence, will get the job done quickly. But more importantly, the job will be done correctly. This is a case where you should trust the professionals. Contact California Pool Fence today and get a free estimate for your pool. This is one home improvement that you won’t regret.


 California Pool Fence, is serving the following Southern California Counties:


  • Long Beach
  • Orange County
  • Riverside County
  • San Bernadino County
  • San Diego County


Providing for decades the Superior Brands of Cover-Pools – California Pool Fence – Meyco Mesh Pool Covers – Loop-Loc Mesh Pool Covers Combining over 100 Years of Swimming Pool and Pool Cover Award Winning Experience & Three Generations of Customer Service.

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